Wood Veneers

A wide variety of real wood veneers with a ANSI fire-rated finish are available. This is just a small selection of some of the woods to choose from for your project.

Anigre - Quarter Sliced

Ash - Plain Sliced

Bubinga Pomele

Bubinga- Quarter Sliced

Cherry - Plain Sliced

Cherry - Quarter Sliced

English Oak - Plain Sliced


Mahogany African - Plain Sliced

Mahogany Honduran - Plain Sliced

Makore - Fiddleback

Makore - Quarter Sliced

Maple - Birdseye

Maple - Curly

Maple - Plain Sliced

Maple - Quarter Sliced

Red Oak - Plain Sliced

Red Oak-Quarter Sliced

White Oak - Rift Sliced

Sapele - Quarter Sliced

Teak - Plain Sliced

Walnut - Plain Sliced

Please realize that the flitches shown here are representative of the wood. Your specific project will require that control samples be approved for graining, staining and finishing.

These are scanned representations only and vary depending on browser, graphics card and monitor being used on your system.


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