How do custom cabs contribute to a building's commercial success?

Gunderlin has the facilities and expertise to turn any custom cab design into a working reality. Our engineering department works with the architect, the consultant and the elevator contractor to ensure a final concept that is attractive, code compliant, structurally sound, and economically feasible. Proper planning and quality workmanship ensures that the architect's vision is continued into the elevator cabs - one of the most important points of tenant / building interaction. A building with a strong architectural vision creates satisfied tenants, and satisfied tenants are the cornerstones of every commercially successful building.

Glass Cabs

A glass cab can serve as a dramatic exclamation point for any large lobby or soaring atrium.

So spectacular are some glass cabs, that they blur the line between form and function. A large atrium can be designed with the glass cabs as a center point, set among fountains and lush garden settings.

In some cases, glass elevators can prove so distinctive and well received, that they become representative symbols for an entire building or complex.

Wood Veneer Cabs

The rich coloring of wood veneer creates an air of unmistakable elegance.

Available in a remarkable range of species, cuts and stains, wood veneer is a versatile material that can be used throughout the cab, or mixed and matched with other materials.

Metal, Stone and Fabric Cabs

Virtually any type of fire-rated material can be adapted for use in decorating cab interiors. Metals of all kinds, real stone veneers of marble or granite and a wide range of fabrics are available. Add to these choices the numerous finishes that are available on metals such as stainless steel and bronze, and the possibilities seem limitless.

Regardless of your particular needs, you can always be certain that Gunderlin has the facilities and the expertise to work with the materials that you want to use.

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