Our company just bought a building and the elevator cabs have shag carpeting…on the walls. Can Gunderlin help us?

The 60’s through the 90’s gave the world some unquestionably great moments, and some rather questionable interior designs.

If the elevator cabs, doors or entrances of your building are a little too far-out, groovy or disco for today’s discriminating tenant; Gunderlin has the expertise to bring you up to date with the latest styles. You can take "one small step” to replace Reagan era neon trim, or make a "giant leap", to completely reconstruct the aesthetics of the doors, entrances and shag carpeted walls.

Modernization by Gunderlin

The benefits of an aesthetic upgrade to a building’s elevator system cannot be underestimated. In the highly competitive world of building management, elevator cab modernization is one of the most cost-effective methods for maintaining tenant satisfaction.

Because of this, we have a staff of personnel who specialize in every aspect of elevator cab and entrance modernization. From partial upgrades to complete reconstruction, Gunderlin has the experience to help develop and implement solutions for buildings of all types and sizes.

Use the links below to read more about some of the Modernization projects that we've recently completed. Who knows, you may have already ridden in a Gunderlin renovated cab.

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