When is the only time that elevator doors are ever truly appreciated?

Considering how much time and effort goes into the creation of our elevator doors and entrances, you might think that we would be offended whenever a passenger rushes from an elevator lobby, or stands blindly tapping the button instead of admiring the decor. But we understand the stresses of modern life, and we accept that our craftsmanship will generally go unnoticed. As we make our doors and entrances, we take our inspiration from that one shining moment when the cab settles slowly to the main floor, the bell chimes, and for one brief instant, each passenger truly appreciates the elevator doors as they open to end another day.

A Grand Entrance Makes a Good Impression

We annually manufacture several thousand entrances for a large number of elevator contractors throughout the United States and the Caribbean Basin.

Many of these projects call for distinctive styles that range from custom profile frame designs to sandblasted, etched or oxidized door panel covers. Materials used, include simple prime enamel steel to stainless steel, brass and nickel-silver.

Standards and Specs

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