How has Gunderlin helped America's CEO's get to the top?

Gunderlin cabs and entrances are installed at some of America's most prestigious commercial addresses. Every working day, international bankers, high power lawyers, stock brokers and even Fortune 500 CEO's ride Gunderlin cabs to lofty offices, atop skyscrapers in cities like New York, Boston, Chicago, and Miami.

So, although we can't claim to help ambitious young execs climb the corporate ladder, we can still confidently say that Gunderlin has helped many of America's CEO's get to the top.

4 Times Square

Also known as the Condé Nast building, the developers of this Times Square office tower called for strict environmental policies to be in place at every step of its design and construction.

The exterior of the building may be blue metallic, but "green" was definitely the keyword in the development of this forward-thinking skyscraper.

Location : New York, NY
Architect : Fox & Fowle
Elevator Contractor : Otis Elevator

111 Huntington Avenue

From the batter's box in Fenway Park, the gleaming crown on top of 111 Huntington is visible in the distance, behind the wall in right center field. With the infamous Green Monster looming high in leftfield, and the wall to right only 302 feet away, the "Tiara" has become a favorite target for Red Sox hitters.

Unfortunately for Red Sox fans, even after two full seasons with their new target, the Red Sox are still looking to break the Babe Ruth Curse...maybe next year.

Location : Boston, MA
Architect : Childs, Bertman & Tseckares
Elevator Contractor : Otis Elevator

AOL Time Warner Center

A true multi-use complex, this twin tower project on the edge of New York City's Central Park is essentially six buildings in one. The shopping and entertainment complex on the lower levels is topped by AOL Time Warner's World Headquarters, a luxury hotel, and some of Manhattan's most sought after residences. Finally, CNN will broadcast live television shows from a state of the art studio that is open to street level audiences.

With six very different types of tenants, the buildings house several different sets of elevators, each built to meet the specific needs of their particular types of passengers.

Location : New York, NY
Architect : Skidmore, Owings & Merrill
Elevator Contractor : Otis Elevator

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