Have you ridden with Gunderlin?

There is a very good chance that you've already ridden in a Gunderlin cab. In the last 50 plus years, we've worked with all of the major elevator contractors, many of the independents, and some truly legendary architectural firms. Together we've completed an incredible variety of challenging and prestigious projects in cities across North America.

Not every building has become a famous landmark, and not every cab was built to win design awards, but we take great pride in everything we've done, and we always provide the highest levels of quality and service, to each and every customer.

Projects: by Building Type

You may have taken a Gunderlin cab to the 53rd floor for a downtown business meeting, or just to the 3rd floor for more shopping at a suburban mega-mall. You may have ridden up to a stadium skybox to watch your team play on the field, or down from a hotel room to watch your kids play on the beach.

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Gunderlin is proud to be listed as a Supplier company in Skyscrapers.com.

You can find further information about our projects, and other major buildings around the world, on this fine website.

Skyscrapers.com is the world's largest database on high-rise buildings. An international network of editors manages and maintains the web site, with extensive information about tens of thousands of buildings and companies.

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