Does Gunderlin help take you home?

Do you know that pleasant sense of familiarity that comes as you return from a business trip? For those who live in the city it starts at airport as you hail a cab and look towards the city skyline. The feeling builds as you turn down your street, stop at the curb, exit the taxi, look up at your building, greet the doorman, smile at a neighbor, cross the lobby, enter the elevator and press the familiar button that will take you to your floor...and home.

We know that the elevator is only one small stage of your long journey home, but if we helped take you even part of the way, we sincerely hope you enjoyed the ride.

515 Park Avenue

This new Park Avenue condo tower was designed with a distinctively classic Park Avenue style. With a prime location on the edge of the park, and luxury in every corner, it is reported to be New York's most expensive.

Units in this exclusive building are currently selling for over $2000.00 per square foot, making the space for an average elevator cab worth almost a quarter of a million dollars...per floor!

Location : New York, NY
Architect : Frank Williams & Associates
Elevator Contractor : Otis Elevator

Santa Maria

What a great way to come home...

Four high-speed glass elevators race up the outside of this luxury beachside condo. When residents come home, they don't need to press elevator buttons. Instead, they simply insert a key card, which automatically identifies their destination floor, where the doors of the elevator will open directly into the passenger's apartment.

It's the ultimate home delivery system, with a million dollar view (six million for the penthouses).

Location : Miami, FL
Architect : Revuelta Vega Leon
Elevator Contractor : KONE

Espirito Santo Plaza

When the Europenan banking giant Espirito Santo announced a competition to design the US headquarters, they were intent a creating a building that would become a signature part of the Miami skyline. It would have to be a single tower that would mix the bank's office space with a luxury hotel and 144 high-end condos.

Acclaimed architectural firm Kohn Pedersen Fox was ultimately picked as the winner of this prestigious content. Their stunning design makes a very impressive architectural statement by spliting the building two ways - into halves horizontally and into thirds vertically.

Location : Miami, FL
Architect : Kohn Pederson Fox
Elevator Contractor : KONE

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