Location : New York, NY
Architect : Frank Williams & Associates
Elevator Contractor : Otis Elevator Co.

The location was perfect, and the timing was even better. When the 35 apartments in this 43-story tower went up for sale, the market was hitting record highs and dot-com millionaires were looking for ways to spend money. Luxuries abound in this modern twist on Park Avenue style - apartments take up one, or even two entire floors and elevators give key-controlled access directly into the private residences.

Our Services

Cabs (Steel Shell)

  • (3) Custom steel shell cabs
  • Satin bronze stile and rail wall panels
  • Recessed wood veneer inserts
  • Island style satin bronze ceiling
  • 50 watt incandescent downlights
  • Satin bronze swing returns
  • Satin bronze etched 2-speed door panels


  • (148) Entrances
  • Lobby floor – custom satin bronze etched door panels
  • Satin bronze mitered & welded frames

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